The Rabbit Hole

Who am I? Well that’s easy! My name is Kennan Ryan Jr, or KJ for short, and I am a Digital Media Production student that is currently attending SUNY New Paltz in hopes of turning my dreams into reality. I’ve been involved in media of most types since the 1990s. From acting in movies to singing in choirs, I’ve been doing my very best to experience every outlet of creativity that I can. In the long run, my goal is to become a musician that like-minded individuals can look to and take inspiration from, as I did from the many artists of my youth, and still do from the many artists of my adult life. My hobbies include singing, dancing, being flamboyant and fun, and playing too many video games for one human to handle, yet here I stand. If I’m not strumming my ukulele and singing along, I’m probably playing video games, sleeping, or editing audio.

This blog will be a collection of some of my various college works as well as a professional outlet for my creative antics, it shall be updated at random. Please enjoy what I have to offer, and tell your friends!